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The Studio

tea + toast


This is where I tell you how I cut my marketing chops. I've been at it for almost 8 years and it's my bread and butter. Over the years I've worked with some big businesses (Interflora), product based businesses, new home builders, luxury kitchen shops, creatives and lots more in-between. These days I use my experience as a marketing consultant to guide founder-led businesses and help them thrive.


I created tea + toast studio to teach marketing novices how to talk to customers like BFFs, sell better and get their businesses seen. If you want to create a brand that customers want to invite into their lives, socials and inboxes have a snoop around the studio by hitting the button below. Or maybe I can interest you in joining The Supper Club?


Marketing doesn’t have to be shouty and forceful, it can be inviting, reliable and comforting - a bit like tea and toast. 

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