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I’m a Yorkshire lass. I’ve lived in Yorkshire since I was born – I briefly left to study law in Lancaster for four years (what a boring place), but one of those years I lived in Maastricht which was much less boring. After spending all that time studying law I decided that I didn’t actually want to be a lawyer – I’d have to spend 40 odd years doing a job that literally sent me to sleep. A brief stint working for a web developer and then setting up a copywriting business led me to realise that I should just be honest with myself and be a writer. The scary kind that doesn’t let me hide behind a client.

So, why did I stay in Yorkshire? Why didn’t I run off to London like many other millennials to seek my fortune?

Love I guess.

On AS-Level results night in Doncaster Walkabout, I met the man I’d go on to marry and have my beautiful daughter with, so at 17 I was done and dusted (not pregnant at this point FYI, I’ve only just had my baby girl. She’s almost 10 months now and is one of the funniest people I know). There was no need to go to pastures new to find my perfect man, but it meant staying in Yorkshire because that’s where he’d painstakingly built up his joinery business. The kitchens he fits are incredible by the way, you can see them on Instagram here – @nhoylandjoinery.

I did think we’d have to move at some point to get my career going though. It all happens in London right? Most of the big, famous writers are from there and there’s so much happening to inspire you. Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that there aren’t many voices representing the North whereas London is crowded with them. So I’m happy to stay here and try to build a writing career. I’ll represent the North in all its loud and imperfect glory – there’s glitter beneath the grit, you just need to scratch the surface.


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