I started out as a law student but soon realised that I loved writing more than I loved the law. After a few years of wondering how I could make the most of my writing skills, I left a law firm and joined a web designer as his copywriter / marketer. This career change was ideal because I learnt a lot about websites, design and the power of good copy.

After a year I decided to set up on my own – I’ve always wanted my own business – and write creative copy for brands. Since then I’ve worked with some fantastic companies, including big brands like Interflora and smaller, growing ones like Allon Homes – both of which I still work with today.

Why do I call myself a writer and a copywriter? I find that combining both makes me a better writer for my clients. Copywriting can be quite sales focussed, whereas allowing myself to branch out as a more traditional writer allows me to be more creative and use storytelling in my copy – it’s a win-win situation.

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You’ll love working with me because…

My copy is fresh, concise and easy to read.    

I make it all about YOU. Before I utter any advice or write a single word I learn about your goals and uncover your brand DNA. Then I do my homework to see how I can use words to bring your brand to life.

SEO ready. All content is delivered with your keywords in easy to understand tables showing you (or your team – I’m looking at you marketers) what is H1, H2, H3, text, title, meta and links. I do this so the copy can be added to your website or blog with nothing lost in translation.

I keep in touch. This should be standard practice but so many ‘professionals’ either can’t be bothered to respond or take a ridiculous amount of time to get back to you. I’m not one of those people – it’s important we both know what’s happening.

One for the agencies – I can work directly with your clients to save you being the go-between. I’ll deliver their copy to you with no fuss.

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