I’m Ashley. And I help startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands sound like the cat’s pyjamas*.

*If you’re not sure what I’m talking about give it a Google. Failing that, trust me, it’s the kind of writing you’re after – how else are you planning to look good online and get paid to do what you’re best at?

I’ve been a professional writer for over 5 years, and during that time I’ve helped lots of creatives, small businesses and entrepreneurial folks say the right thing at the right time – including the fab people at Interflora.

After graduating from Lancaster University with an International Law degree, I went out and got one of those highly coveted graduate jobs…as a sales assistant at a high street Jewellers. Boy did this bring me down to Earth with a bang. After a shaky start (I hated the job at first) I found I could sell really well – like here’s a £500 bonus and Gucci purse well – and was top seller for that year, all while working part time. Looking back, this job was one of the most valuable things I could’ve done, it taught me what makes people tick and what they need to hear to hand over their hard earned dollar. Real life sales experience wins over a book on selling any day. I’d go as far as to recommend a stint in sales for any wannabe copywriter. It’s THAT important.

Now I could sell ice to the eskimos (no I’m not bigger than a good cliché) I worked for a massive law firm in their compliance department. It really was as dull as it sounds. Aside from meeting one of my besties – sneaking off for a cup of tea and a bag of Malteasers got me through my time here – the sheer dullness of this job made me step back and consider what I really wanted to do in life. This is when an email from Yorkshire Graduates dropped into my inbox:



No experience needed, just entrepreneurial spirit. Web & App design company seeking to expand.


I applied and landed the job. This is the year that made me. Mitchell (the web designer and my new boss) showed me a digital world that totally absorbed me. I learnt how to build websites, market a business, the essentials of branding and how to write damn good copy. I became so good at all these things and saw so many startups growing around me, I knew I had to take the leap myself. And here I am, writing this about page for you.

Best. Decision. Ever. (And the most fun, challenging and nerve wracking).

I live in Yorkshire in the same town where I grew up, it’s not as glitzy as city living but I’m near to family and the countryside so it suits me perfectly. I can also visit the town centre without feeling like a sardine. I live with my very practical husband (he’s an incredible joiner) and my 1 year old daughter Ivy – who is hands down the funniest person I know. What can I say, for one so young, the girl’s got personality.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Here's what my clients have been saying

  • "OMG I’ve only spent a quick 5 minutes reviewing my website copy but you actually nailed it! You’ve worded everything I wanted to say but didn’t know how to, and done it perfectly! I’m nodding my head as I was reading through it."

    - Natalie Chappell (Zest for Media)
  • Ashley is a fantastic copywriter and demonstrates a real understanding of SEO while still writing compelling copy to engage the target audience. She’s a real delight to work with and always delivers ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Ashley!

    - Helen Sharpe (Interflora)

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